Over a 35 years of dedicated Highly experienced team of several companys from all over the gulf Countrys manufacturing all kind of commercial transporting equipments From 1 ton to 200 ton Capable to carry Solid, Liquid, and Gas on the road.

Having A good support and contact with High quality Accessory and raw martial suppliers from Germany, Holland, USA, Italy,UK, Singapore etc.

And we are promising that we are able to make the value added product as per the requirements of our valued customer following all kind of international standard regulations from our strong experience back ground.

On the occasion of economic boom we can contribute a major effort to support the infrastructure developments in public and private sector with the mass support of our quality assured products from our strong experience

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  • From 4 cub to 45 cub(6 ton to 75 ton) Truck mounted Type and Semi trailer type For carrying sand, rock, garbage etc.
  • From 1000 ltr to 15000 ltr capacity elliptical, double D and cylindrical shaped. For Carrying Water, Fuel, Chemical etc.
Flat Bed
  • From the range of 30 ton to 80 ton weight and option to fix 20feet, 40 feet 45 feet container with spring or air suspension axles.
Low Bed Trailer
  • The load range of 30 ton to 150 ton with heavy duty multi axle to Carry showels, JCBs Military equipments (battle tanks) etc.
Truck Cement Mixer
  • With wide range of cubic capacity from 3cub to 13 cub according to truck capacity made with wear resistant hard steel and Italian gear box and hydraulics.
Cement Bulker
  • For transporting cement at the range of 25 cub to 55 cub ton with high air pressure discharge.
Vaccum Tanks
  • Use full for waist water liquid cleaning processes mostly using local government bodies to drain water from blocked drainages and septic tankers.
Custom Made Bodies
  • Capable to make various type of attachments and systems according to the customer requirements like Troupe carrier, Cargo bodies, recovery Vehicles, High pressure water spraying vehicle Refrigerated cargo body, RoRo trailer for shipping etc.
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